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Meet the Cast: Wren (Spoilers)
Wren’s been waiting for years to be assigned an epic so she can FINALLY finish her bardic degree and get out into the world. For whatever reason—a fluke, a coincidence, serendipity, destiny, someone else’s pure hateful spite—she is assigned to this party. As an “embedded reporter,” Wren will follow the party, undetected, record their (mis)adventures for posterity and historical accuracy, and eventually write an epic song that will make the adventurers real heroes and make Wren a real bard. Read More
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Meet the Cast: Glorion
Kevin Pitman is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where he received a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Theater. He has completed four professional acting apprenticeships with theaters across the country, such as Wooden O Theatre and Seattle Shakespeare Company in Washington, as well as Milwaukee Repertory Theater and American Players Theatre in Wisconsin. He currently resides in Los Angeles. Read More
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Meet the Cast: Perf
Christian Doyle is a Tacoma-based actor, comedian, and signer/songwriter. He appeared in several Dead Gentlemen productions, and is best known for the role of Gary/Luster in The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. Read More
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About FAQ

For me, Perf just seems to be a copy of Rincewind out of the discworld series by Terry Pratchett.

Rincewind was an obvious inspiration for the character, and this early into the show it’s easy to focus on the similarities.  But as the story evolves over future episodes and seasons, the differences will become starkly apparent.  Perf is his own character, and is on a reluctant collision course with world-shattering destiny.  But if he ever starts escorting around a rich tourist with animated luggage, you can call us copycats.

Why is this free when it obviously cost a pretty penny to make? Where’s the cash come back from?

We pay for JourneyQuest with direct fan support, direct DVD sales, digital downloads, and more. We could spend countless dollars and hours fighting what the web does best—making perfect copies of our work—or turn those strengths to our advantage. Then it just depends on the market.

If enough people want to see a third season, they’ll find ways to support us, whether that means becoming a contributor, sharing the film with their friends via BitTorrent, translating it into other languages, or screening the film at regional conventions. By self-distributing, we also guarantee that a much larger percentage of every sale actually goes to pay for the movie, rather than lining the pocket of some third party.

So you’re going with fan funding? Aren’t people tired of that by now?

Partially, yes, we are counting on fan funding. Crowdsourcing works incredibly well when you reach critical mass. And we hear you on the “finance my project” exhaustion. That’s why we went ahead and made season one first. That way, you get something real to experience from the very beginning, rather than the vague promise that eventually we’ll (maybe) get our project made. And our season two kickstarter campaign proved that fans want to keep this show alive!

I greatly hope that you guys get the financing to keep this running.

And we did, thanks to you! At this point, it’s all about finding a big enough audience for the show. With 10,000 core fans, we could keep going indefinitely. With 20,000 we could do it with style. Either way, we’d be completely independent of networks and studios.

Where can I buy the DVD?

The season one DVD is available now through our partner storefront,, as well as and We’ll have pre-orders for season two up soon!

Will the DVD be shippable from within Europe? I have run in to the frustration of wanting to buy merch of a webcomic and finding out that shipping from the us to Europe was actually more expensive than the book I wanted to buy.

We’ll do the best we can to make the DVD available everywhere. We ship domestically through Amazon Fulfillment, which has the lowest rates around. However, an even better option for Europe might be to ask your local game store to stock it. They’ll be able to get it wholesale through Paizo Publishing. Amazon also has decent international shipping rates.

Have you thought about Kickstarter for fund raising?

[edit] The fans convinced us to go with Kickstarter. They were right!

I love you and I want to have your babies.



  1. Few things. Comments, and then I have questions/suggestions.

    Firstly, I’m happy you guys were finally able to release this. I remember meeting Brian at the 2010 Norwescon in Seattle, and him talking about this. I had been waiting for an incredibly long time to see this, and my biggest disappointment is how short the whole thing was.

    Second, the costume design is amazing. The orcs are the best orcs I’ve seen that aren’t CGI-developed. I loved all the costumes in general, and really appreciate how Perf’s robes are dirty. It’s subtle but still nice. Buy your costume designers some sandwiches.

    Now, with funding… how about some merchandise? I totally want a Meat Hedge shirt, for one, and I want you guys to get the funding you need so we can grab ourselves some Season Two goodness.

    So it boils down to this: Can we expect to see JQ Merchandise any time soon?

    1. Yes! We’re just finishing up a big t-shirt deal!

      1. Awesome! Let us know with who, when, and how much so I can wear my JQ shirts.

  2. when’s the next episode coming out?

    1. Once we shoot season two.

  3. Hey JQ-Team,
    after the fifth time watching episode 3, we still haven´t figured out the right pronouncing of the orcish dialog. Perf´s voice is not loud enough to understand his orcish completly.
    We, my husband and I, wish to have the orcish lines, just for fun.
    Greetings from germany, good job, we admire your work.

  4. Apologies if you already know about this, but Hulu appears to have a playlist order problem with JQ; ep 3 is placed first, then the rest 1-2, 3-7. Hulu never fixes any playlist order problems reported by viewers AFAICT, so perhaps you as the source of the material might be able to fix it, to assist future viewers in avoiding confusion. ;-)

    1. We’ll try…

      Thanks for catching the problem!

  5. I’m kind of lost. I stumbled on the series through checking out Dorkness Rising on IMDB. I’ve tried watching Episode 1,which starts with a female bard meeting some orcs. They speak of things which already happened, but I can’t find any background story or video of what they’re talking about. Am I missing something?

    1. Yes. Keep watching – the flashback begins a few minutes in.

  6. Any chance of subtitles/captioning on the DVD?

    1. The DVD has subtitles in a number of languages!

  7. Hi, guys! I am writing from Moscow. Thank you very much for the show, I’m waiting for a second season. You are really better, funnier and more talented than the Guild!
    From Russia with love )

    P. S. I’d like to order a shirt or poster, if you sell it.

  8. Hope that doesn’t come off as snippy or anything, by the way. I realize you guys have a bit of a task, and it’d be kinda obnoxious for me to act self-entitled about it. :P

  9. Hi guys,

    my name is Rodja Pavlik and I’m living in Austria/Europe. I work a blog about amateur- and independent movies and would like to introduce you to my small audience, second want to embed your series on a weekly basis on my blog

    Can I use your YouTube-clips? And can you send me some press text about “Journey Quest”?
    Thank you in advance

    Kind regards


    1. All of our material is released under a Creative Commons license. Please feel free to use our clips and any text we’ve posted online about the movie. Thanks!

      1. Hi, thanks for the reply. I wasn’t quite sure if I understood the conditions correct. I will send you a link after it is done. Kind regards.


  10. Having served as personal chaplain to Anne Kennedy, I would like to offer my services to the whole crew. This would include:
    1) Hanging around the set in a way that walks the line between mystical and creepy.
    2) Daily prayer in exchange for a hat. And let me be perfectly clear: no hat, no prayer.

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