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Meet the Cast: Wren (Spoilers)
Wren’s been waiting for years to be assigned an epic so she can FINALLY finish her bardic degree and get out into the world. For whatever reason—a fluke, a coincidence, serendipity, destiny, someone else’s pure hateful spite—she is assigned to this party. As an “embedded reporter,” Wren will follow the party, undetected, record their (mis)adventures for posterity and historical accuracy, and eventually write an epic song that will make the adventurers real heroes and make Wren a real bard. Read More
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Meet the Cast: Glorion
Kevin Pitman is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where he received a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Theater. He has completed four professional acting apprenticeships with theaters across the country, such as Wooden O Theatre and Seattle Shakespeare Company in Washington, as well as Milwaukee Repertory Theater and American Players Theatre in Wisconsin. He currently resides in Los Angeles. Read More
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Meet the Cast: Perf
Christian Doyle is a Tacoma-based actor, comedian, and signer/songwriter. He appeared in several Dead Gentlemen productions, and is best known for the role of Gary/Luster in The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. Read More
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About Rights

We believe in releasing works in a way that empowers our fans. Here’s what that looks like, and what it means for you:

Creative Commons Share-Alike, Attribution, Non-Commercial

You may copy and share JourneyQuest in any way you like, as long as you link back to us and you don’t make money from it. Remix it, reuse it, recut it, screen it, or just run a seed on Bittorrent. It’s that simple.

Creative Commons License
JourneyQuest: Season One by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, LLC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Commercial Products

Want to make something cool based on JourneyQuest and sell it? You can do that too. Just ask us. Chances are good we’ll say yes. All you need to do then is tell us what percentage of revenue you plan on sharing with us to support the show. We’ll give you a Creator Endorsed mark to stick on your website—courtesy of—so that fans know we approve of what you’re doing. That’s it! (If you renege on the percentage you offered, or otherwise use JourneyQuest for evil, we’ll retract the Creator Endorsed mark.)


Want to screen our movie? Go for it! We only ask for a few things in return.

  • Please, please send us pictures, video, or a short report from the screening. We’ll use that to update our (forthcoming) Screenings page.
  • If you’re planning on charging admission, ask us for an official Creator Endorsed mark, as outlined above.
  • Ask the audience at the screening to help support the show. We have a ton of ways they can help out on our Support page, including financial, creative, and social.

Commercial Distribution

If you are a commercial distributor, you must negotiate a traditional contract with us. JourneyQuest is available for wholesale purchase directly from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, or from Paizo Publishing if you are selling within the domestic and international hobby industry. Some digital rights are available through IndieFlix. All other inquiries should be directed to All other uses by commercial distributors are strictly forbidden and will be considered unauthorized copyright infringement. We will not deal with you if you use punitive DRM*, file bogus legal infringement claims on consumers, or have a history of retaining profits for yourself, rather than paying what is due to the creative artists you claim to represent.


Zombie Orpheus allows DRM in very limited circumstances only. For example, Netflix uses DRM to protect its rental model. However, we are completely against the use of DRM in any product that a consumer purchases, rather than rents. If a case arises where JourneyQuest is made available through a third-party that uses restrictive DRM (like iTunes or Amazon), or attempts to treat your purchase like a retractable license, we will offer the following guarantee:



  1. I’m interested in learning how you offset the costs of website development for your startup for this webseries, where you host the videos at and what the model is for the next 5 years.

    1. Ben does our webdev in house, so those costs are minimal. Videos are hosted on YouTube, Hulu, and elsewhere.

      The model for the next five years is to move gradually to an entirely fan-supported, sustainable model, releasing two new projects each year. The spreadsheets where we planned each stage are insane.

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