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Meet the Cast: Wren (Spoilers)
Wren’s been waiting for years to be assigned an epic so she can FINALLY finish her bardic degree and get out into the world. For whatever reason—a fluke, a coincidence, serendipity, destiny, someone else’s pure hateful spite—she is assigned to this party. As an “embedded reporter,” Wren will follow the party, undetected, record their (mis)adventures for posterity and historical accuracy, and eventually write an epic song that will make the adventurers real heroes and make Wren a real bard. Read More
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Meet the Cast: Glorion
Kevin Pitman is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where he received a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Theater. He has completed four professional acting apprenticeships with theaters across the country, such as Wooden O Theatre and Seattle Shakespeare Company in Washington, as well as Milwaukee Repertory Theater and American Players Theatre in Wisconsin. He currently resides in Los Angeles. Read More
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Meet the Cast: Perf
Christian Doyle is a Tacoma-based actor, comedian, and signer/songwriter. He appeared in several Dead Gentlemen productions, and is best known for the role of Gary/Luster in The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. Read More
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Extras Ringtones & Soundboard

Have an Android phone? Now you can install your very own JourneyQuest soundboard. This is a beta and requires a manual install—if those words don’t mean anything to you, wait on participating until the app is finalized and available in the Android market. (iPhone users can grab ringtones below.)

So, here it is. I poured blood, sweat and anguish into this, and it’s finally done. So here’s the file and the instructions for loading onto your phone. If it doesn’t work right let me know.

Go to the App Market and download a file manager. I used Astro File Manager (free).

Once installed go to Settings–>Applications–>

Unknown Sources. Make sure that’s checked.

On your computer, download the attachment in this email.

Connect your android phone to the computer via USB and mount.

Move the apk that you downloaded to the phone.

Unmount the phone.

Go into the file manager, browse to the apk file (titled sound board template).

Click on it

Choose to open App Manager.

Click Install.

Once installed go to Settings–>Applications–>Unknown Sources. Uncheck box.


Sez ringtone creator Bryan Graham:

The .m4r files are Iphone compatible. Simply download the file, then open it using Itunes and it will appear in your list of ringtones. Just make sure to “sync” all from the ringtones tab for your phone, if you are unsure.

The mp3 files should work fine with most other phones, as they are under 30 seconds and not over 1mb in size.  As for instructions, there are too many different ones that I have found to make a comprehensive set of directions.  I recommend checking the manual that came with the phone, or asking a friend.

Journey Quest Ringtone 1 (.mp3)

Journey Quest Ringtone 2 (.mp3)

JourneyQuest Ringtones (iPhone) (.zip)

JourneyQuest Ringtones (Soundboard Clone) (.zip) (temporarily offline)


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  1. Link for JourneyQuest Ringtones (Soundboard Clone) (.zip) in section with the mp3/ iphone zip links appears broken

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