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Meet the Cast: Wren (Spoilers)
Wren’s been waiting for years to be assigned an epic so she can FINALLY finish her bardic degree and get out into the world. For whatever reason—a fluke, a coincidence, serendipity, destiny, someone else’s pure hateful spite—she is assigned to this party. As an “embedded reporter,” Wren will follow the party, undetected, record their (mis)adventures for posterity and historical accuracy, and eventually write an epic song that will make the adventurers real heroes and make Wren a real bard. Read More
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Meet the Cast: Glorion
Kevin Pitman is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where he received a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Theater. He has completed four professional acting apprenticeships with theaters across the country, such as Wooden O Theatre and Seattle Shakespeare Company in Washington, as well as Milwaukee Repertory Theater and American Players Theatre in Wisconsin. He currently resides in Los Angeles. Read More
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Meet the Cast: Perf
Christian Doyle is a Tacoma-based actor, comedian, and signer/songwriter. He appeared in several Dead Gentlemen productions, and is best known for the role of Gary/Luster in The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. Read More
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Cory Doctorow at boingboing.netJourneyQuest is an independently produced, fan-financed, Creative Commons licensed comic fantasy series about “a wizard with a quest problem.” It’s just concluded its first season of seven short episodes; I’ve watched the first couple and am thoroughly hooked (and impressed! Great production values, acting and writing!).

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Esoteric FishJourneyQuest stands up alongside famous shows as The Guild for creating a simple but compelling story full of interesting characters. Given that so many bad web series choose to focus on geeky things as an excuse to avoid creativity, I must admit that I was dubious when I first heard about the D&D based JourneyQuest. Within the first minute of watching, all of my doubts were put to rest. JourneyQuest had me laughing myself silly, and I found myself immediately watching the rest of the series.

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Judith & Garfield Reeves-StevensJourneyQuest restores our faith in the Internet as the medium that will transform the creation and delivery of entertainment, going directly from creators to audience with no maddening studio execs to muck it up in the middle! It’s an absolutely hilarious romp, with wry wit, outstanding cast, tremendous production quality, and most importantly, it made us laugh out loud with every episode. We want more! Or someone’s going to get a smiting.
Yes, it’s funny. Yes, it’s zany. Yes, it’s Fun!Once again we see the Dead Gentlemen tackling traditional roleplaying and fantasy tropes in their own hilarious style, although this series appears to take a different path to their previous movies. Instead of following both a group of players and their characters in parallel narratives, this web series appears to only deal with the character’s storyline, although at least some of them are obviously based on cliched gamer behaviour… The first two episodes are immensely entertaining, once again displaying the Dead Gentlemen’s whimsical style and wit.

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Why didn’t I hear about JourneyQuest sooner?A most epic comedic gaming return from the geniuses at Dead Gentlemen. The neatest thing about this is they are doing via Fan Funding. Just head on over and show these guys some support. We need more good gamer comedy out there.

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Journey Quest… I Dig It.These kinds of videos never work for me. I have seen various attempts at these on YouTube (and even TV) and I usually can’t make it more than a few minutes before I need to make it stop. Some of them have excellent video quality and seemed to have been filmed/shot well, but the actors were either not actors at all or the attempt by the show to be serious is taken so far that it becomes laughable.

Tonight I was finally surprised…

Journey Quest is good.

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Why JourneyQuest Is Going to Be Your New Favorite Web SeriesThough absurd, the comedy never ranges into full-on far-fetched farce. The characters believe what they’re going through, which really helps sell the punchlines as they roll in. And roll in they do; not rapid-fire enough to make you fear missing something, but often enough to keep the mood nice and light.

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  1. JourneyQuest, an amazing tale proving once again that the Dead Gentlemen are perfecting their craft of weaving tales and putting them in film! Onward!

  2. I am a huge fan of The Gamers, and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. These two movies had also gotten my soon to be fiancé interested into gaming. She watched those two movies and turned to me and said, “Is gaming really like this?” Yes, hun, it can be. Written on her character sheet my friend wrote “EVIL, but for the “Greater Good”.” And I do have to say, she had done things in game that just impressed the hell out of me. And because of Dorkness Rising, and a waffle machine, waffles are now the staple of all our gaming weekends. As a part of this story, my friend has a 2 year old daughter that he brings with her on some of the gaming weekends. She sits and plays quietly while we game. She says to him as he picked her up the one weekend, “Daniel’s house?” No, not yet. Have to stop by home first. “Then Daniel’s house?” Yes, Elizabeth, then Daniel’s house. “Waffles?” Nothing like corrupting the youth of tomorrow.

    I have been eagerly waiting for the release of the first episode/season, and I have to say I have not been disappointed (though a part of me wishes there was more!).

    As I sat there idly waiting for the first two episodes to fully stream to video, I kept staring at the contribution level, and a couple thoughts came to me. What if there was merchandise that could help promote the Journey-Quest? T-shirts, mugs, hats, sword replicas, or other items. Maybe even have a role playing game centered around this world?

  3. I love Gamers and Gamers 2!! I can’t wait for the next episode of Journey Quest.
    Also, as I’m a bilingual, I can translate (flawlessly) from English to German. But I haven’t the first idea about how video and subbing works unfortunately. If you send me the script for the current episodes though, I’d be more than happy to translate it for you. Maybe someone else can volunteer for actually subbing the videos?

    1. The German subs are actually already done! (But if you want to look them over, just click on the link above.)

  4. absolutely fantastic! thank you so much for making this. its so enjoyable. each character is perfectly played. cant wait for more. plus t shirts with individual cast members would rock. i’d love a Glorion T with his face on it and HONOR! underneath. keep up the good work guys!

  5. When will the next episode from Journey Quest be released?
    (Journey Quest 2? Journey Quest has an open end now?)
    lg Gawain

    1. July 12th!

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